The Chair of the Council is the Chair the Compensation and Benefits Committee.
The Compensation and Benefits Committee shall:
• Be chaired by the Chair of the Staff Council;
• Present and discuss proposals with the Staff Council concerning salary, benefits, and other conditions of employment.

Professional Development
The Professional Development Committee shall:
• Be chaired by the Chair-Elect of the Staff Council;
• Plan and execute STAFF development opportunities;
• Coordinate the nomination and election for the Staff Council Leadership Award.

The Social/Service Committee shall:
• Be chaired by the Secretary of the Staff Council;
• Unite with other campus constituencies to promote service and mission to the King’s and Wilkes-Barre area communities;
• Provide opportunities for spiritual, physical, recreational, social and cultural activities for the College community.

The Fiscal Committee shall:
• Be chaired by the Treasurer of the Staff Council;
• Consider fundraising options to be used for student scholarships, staff awards, and professional development;
• Ensure any expenditure from the Staff Council Budget, from internal or external sources, is pre-approved by the Executive Committee of the Staff Council.